Should You Forgive A Cheater?
unfaithful affairAffair And Trust Issues

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Are You Still In Love With Your Partner Even Though They Cheated?

If you’ve recently found out that your partner is cheating on you, you’re probably going through a lot of emotions right about now. At first, you might have wanted to end your relationship, but after blowing off some steam you might have realised that you’re still in love with them. If you’re still in love with your partner even though they cheated on you, you might be thinking about forgiving them, which could be a good idea if you truly believe that it won’t happen again. When you’re in love with someone, it’s normal to make some exceptions for them, but forgiving someone for cheating on you is a big exception, and you need to be ready to accept that your relationship might never be the same again. Being in love with someone can make you do silly things, but if you feel like they’re worth it and have believe that they will change, it might be worth a shot. However, this should be the first and last chance you give them, just because you’re in love with them doesn’t mean you should become a fool.

How Long Did The Affair Last?

If you’re thinking about forgiving your partner for cheating on you, there are many different variables you should take into consideration. First of all, how did you find out about the affair, and how long did it last? If your partner was having an affair that lasted weeks, months, or even years, there is no reason why you should forgive them. Also, if you didn’t find out about the affair from them, there’s the possibility that they never would have come clean about it and continued having it. Having an affair is no joke, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your partner cheated on you once and then immediately came clean about it, they might be worth a second shot, if not you should totally end it.

Have They Always Been Unfaithful?

Forgiving a cheater is not something that a lot of people would do, but every relationship is different. If your partner has always been unfaithful to you and you have forgiven them many times before, it’s probably time for you to move on. But if this was the first time your partner was unfaithful, there might be room for forgiveness. There’s also the chance that your partner has always been unfaithful but that this is the first time they were caught red handed, and they are lying to you about everything. If you’re having trouble accepting that this was their first time being unfaithful, you should probably just go with your gut and end your relationship once and for all.

If You Forgive Them … Will You Have Trust Issues?

If you recently found out that your partner was cheating on you, you probably don’t know what to do about it. Sure, you can forgive them and hope for the best but you’ll probably spend the rest of your relationship having trust issues. A relationship without trust is not a good relationship, and if you feel as though you can no longer believe anything your partner says, it might be better to just end it now. Having trust issues is not something you want, and sticking with a cheater will only hurt you in the long run.