How To Act Cool Even Though You’re Blown Away By Your Blind Date
act cool dateAct Cool On A Blind Date

Going On A Blind Date And Falling Hard

Going on blind dates has become very rare, but from time to time it can be fun to do. If someone you know and trust told you they wanted to set you up with someone, would you really doubt their judgement or would you present yourself to the online date without any questions? When someone you know wants to set you up with someone, it is usually because they think you’ll be compatible, so it’s important to keep an open mind and give it a shot. If you presented yourself to a blind date, you probably have no idea what to expect — which is pretty exciting. Going on a blind date can go one of two ways, you can either feel like your friend betrayed you and set you up with the most repulsive person, or he can set you up with someone so great that you want to nominate him for friend of the year. If you went on a blind date and instantly fell for your date, you’re probably trying to keep it cool s that you don’t blow it. Going on a blind date and falling hard is not something that happens every time, but it can definitely happen.

How To Act Cool And Stop Yourself From Blowing It

If you just met up with the most beautiful creature in the world, you’re probably going to start sweating profusely while trying not to blow your chances. Having an instant connection with someone is very rare, so when you stumble across someone you can really relate to, it’s your job to act cool, calm, and collected. Being in the presence of someone you believe to be perfect can be extremely intimidating, but the last thing you want to do is start treating them like a queen and kissing the ground they walk on. Making your attraction to your blind date very obvious can give off an air of desperation, so it is in your best interest to act cool, even if you’re tripping out on the inside. If you act cool, you will be able to land a second, third, and even fourth date, which can ultimately lead to a long term relationship. Pretending that you aren’t as interested as you are will really help you act cool and stay afloat. So no matter how attracted and into your date you might be remember not to blow it. However, don’t take this to the extreme and act like you’re not into her at all, just don’t start making plans for the future right away.

Don’t Be Too Clingy Or She Might Run

If you meet someone and feel as though you just got pricked by cupid’s arrow, the last thing you want to do is start clinging to them. Just because you just fell head over heels doesn’t mean that they did, so you have to give them time to get to know you. If you act too clingy right off the bat, your date might end up wanting to run away from you. So respect her personal space, flirt, act genuine, and try not to ruin your chances. Don’t act too clingy and start trying to hold her hand and embrace her on the first date.

How To Hide How Into Her You Are

If you just met the love of your life, you might be wondering if she feels the same way, but you can’t just blatantly ask her about it. If you’re into her and want to see her again and again, you’re going to have to hide just how into her you really are. Sure, you can still be into her and try to be with her, just don’t over do it or look desperate. If you want to see her again, you need to hide how into her you are, and take things slow. If you really like this person, you don’t want to do anything to mess up your chances, right? So don’t do anything drastic and give her time to get to know you.

Don’t Over Text Her Even Though You’re Thinking Of Her

So, you went on a date and met the woman of your dreams, but it’s been two whole hours since you last saw her and you want to text her to let her know you’re thinking about her. Whatever you do, don’t do this. You can’t start over texting your crush just because you’re bored and think you’re in love. You need to give her some breathing room and make sure that has enough time to start thinking about you too. You never know, she might even text you first.

Should You Forgive A Cheater?
unfaithful affairAffair And Trust Issues

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Are You Still In Love With Your Partner Even Though They Cheated?

If you’ve recently found out that your partner is cheating on you, you’re probably going through a lot of emotions right about now. At first, you might have wanted to end your relationship, but after blowing off some steam you might have realised that you’re still in love with them. If you’re still in love with your partner even though they cheated on you, you might be thinking about forgiving them, which could be a good idea if you truly believe that it won’t happen again. When you’re in love with someone, it’s normal to make some exceptions for them, but forgiving someone for cheating on you is a big exception, and you need to be ready to accept that your relationship might never be the same again. Being in love with someone can make you do silly things, but if you feel like they’re worth it and have believe that they will change, it might be worth a shot. However, this should be the first and last chance you give them, just because you’re in love with them doesn’t mean you should become a fool.

How Long Did The Affair Last?

If you’re thinking about forgiving your partner for cheating on you, there are many different variables you should take into consideration. First of all, how did you find out about the affair, and how long did it last? If your partner was having an affair that lasted weeks, months, or even years, there is no reason why you should forgive them. Also, if you didn’t find out about the affair from them, there’s the possibility that they never would have come clean about it and continued having it. Having an affair is no joke, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your partner cheated on you once and then immediately came clean about it, they might be worth a second shot, if not you should totally end it.

Have They Always Been Unfaithful?

Forgiving a cheater is not something that a lot of people would do, but every relationship is different. If your partner has always been unfaithful to you and you have forgiven them many times before, it’s probably time for you to move on. But if this was the first time your partner was unfaithful, there might be room for forgiveness. There’s also the chance that your partner has always been unfaithful but that this is the first time they were caught red handed, and they are lying to you about everything. If you’re having trouble accepting that this was their first time being unfaithful, you should probably just go with your gut and end your relationship once and for all.

If You Forgive Them … Will You Have Trust Issues?

If you recently found out that your partner was cheating on you, you probably don’t know what to do about it. Sure, you can forgive them and hope for the best but you’ll probably spend the rest of your relationship having trust issues. A relationship without trust is not a good relationship, and if you feel as though you can no longer believe anything your partner says, it might be better to just end it now. Having trust issues is not something you want, and sticking with a cheater will only hurt you in the long run.

Match Makers Advice: Dating A High Maintenance Woman
cheating on herDating a high-maintenance woman

Are you dating a high maintenance woman who’s sending you mixed signals?

She rarely returns my calls or texts unless she wants something.
She shops like it’s going out of style.
My friends think she’s shallow and only after my money.
Am I just being taken for a ride?

If you’ve ever had the forwardness (or foolhardiness) to pursue a relationship with a high-maintenance kind of woman, these thoughts have probably run through your mind every other day. It’s no surprise that she caught your eye in the first place – divas tend to have that affect wherever they go – but what do you do when you feel like she’s exploiting you?

There are plenty of hot girls looking for their next sugar-daddy, prowling Washington’s best dating sites for the biggest catch. Of course, some women simply enjoy the thrill of being chased, and some men enjoy the chase more than the actual prize. Expensive gifts and lavish entertainment can really heat up a budding romance, but not everyone who enjoys the finer things in life should be branded as shallow.

To be fair, ‘high maintenance’ is a term that can be applied to men and women alike. There are high maintenance employees, high maintenance CEO’s, and high-maintenance children too (we call them spoiled brats). So why do high maintenance women specifically get such a bad rap?
I came across an interesting article in Forbes Magazine that listed the thirteen most unflattering character traits of high maintenance people. It occurred to me that many of the traits described – excessive talking, insecurity issues, spitefulness, melodramatic behavior – are actually the characteristics used to describe high-maintenance girls.

When you’re exploring the dating scene here in Washington , whether you consider yourself a Don Juan or you’ve been out of the saddle a while, dating a high maintenance girl can feel like an exercise in futility, kind of like owning an expensive Lamborghini you can’t really drive because of the high insurance. You spend a lot of time and money on its care and maintenance, but it doesn’t actually do anything for you to warrant the investment.

If you are in a situation where you feel like the woman of your dreams (or for the moment) is exploiting your wealth for her personal gain, maybe you’re dealing with a person who’s trying to compensate for poor character through material possessions and a sense of higher social status. She’s spending your money and enjoys things she can’t afford at your expense because she’s probably immature and has little consideration for your feelings.

Does dating a diva make you a dummy?

There’s a big difference between dating a high maintenance girlfriend and a woman of taste. Appreciating fine art, music, expensive clothes or quality items isn’t a character trait, but a habit you develop based on your experience and tastes. Spending $10 on a quality paint brush would be ridiculous to me, but an artist dedicated to their work might consider it a great investment. A person who grows up experiencing fine dining exclusively might have a hard time appreciating a fast-food meal (even after a hang-over). They’d much rather spend $100 on a good steak than $10 on a happy meal, but does that make them “high maintenance”?

I hear guys on the dating scene complain about how much their ‘diva’ girlfriend spends on shoes, purses, and make-up. Divas can be demanding and obsessive about their appearance (and yours), but there are women as equally meticulous about their appearance as they are about the friends they choose, their career path, and everything else that matters to them. They demand the best and appreciate the best of themselves as well as others because, at their core, they believe they’re entitled to the best life that has to offer. Settling for second-rate alternatives feels like a betrayal of their values. A woman of taste doesn’t just lavish attention on herself but others as well. They may spend a lot, but they’re not frivolous.

My point is that dating a high-maintenance girl isn’t the same thing as dating a woman who appreciates the finer things. Relationships are built on common values and goals. If you connect with a girl as a result of your possessions or social status, your relationship will become a power struggle, one in which you must constantly negotiate for your emotional and physical needs by buying gifts, complimenting her looks and accommodating her unreasonable whims. Buying affection or exploiting others for sexual favors is just as bad as exploiting others for their resources or social status.

Dating a hot girl who likes nice things doesn’t mean you should expose yourself to being emotionally and physically exploited. If you’re seeking a meaningful relationship, poor character traits like frivolity, gossiping, and insensitivity are warning signals that your money and affection would best be served somewhere else. If your affection for her is genuine and you find pleasure in lavishing your time and resources on her, just make sure your generosity and attention are genuinely appreciated.

Men vs. Women: What Do They Consider Cheating?
casual relationship endForgive a cheater?

Men vs. Women: What do they consider cheating?

You hate to generalize about the genders, but we do that sometimes because it’s useful. Men and women may not perfectly fall into certain tendencies but on the whole they do tend to fall into certain categories. So it’s true on average that men and women are hardwired (or perhaps softwired) to see cheating in different ways. Both the sexes can be very territorial about their mates, but what territory specifically is being encroached upon? Suffice it to say, it differs by gender in very intuitive ways.

What do men consider cheating?

Your man is likely to become very territorial if he sees another guy behaving toward you the way he behaves toward you. That’s because the one special thing he sees as different from your relationship with other guys and his relationship with other girls is the physical and sexual side. Men tend to believe that their sexual relationship with their girlfriends is the sole thing that separates it from all their other relationships. Therefore, if they see guys macking it to their girlfriends or touching them in proto-intimate ways they know that this guy is trying to encroach upon territory that he believes is exclusively his. However, he wouldn’t think twice about his girlfriend confiding emotionally in a close guy friend or sharing the most intimate details about her life with him. Why? Because that’s not his territory. His girlfriend’s sexuality is his territory, and if that gets encroached upon, then there’s a problem.

Now, this isn’t exclusively true of all men. Some men are fine with open relationships, but monogamous men who see themselves in committed relationships would find it difficult to restrain themselves from confronting their girlfriends on this kind of proto-cheating. While it wouldn’t end the relationship outright, it would very likely create quite a bit of tension that could grow over time.

Women may not understand why their boyfriend is getting jealous over what appears to be trivial affections. That’s because what women consider cheating is similar, but different.

What do women consider cheating?

It’s not that women tend to be more emotional than men, that’s kind of a myth that has been imposed on women by a culture that views them in extremes. But women do consider their mates more to be emotional territory than physical territory.

For instance, men might consider a woman who has had a lot of partners a threat to them emotionally and sexually and vilify her as a slut, due in large part to their own insecurities. But a man who has had a large variety of sex partners is likely to be in demand by a woman because they are someone who is in demand as a sexual partner.

Why the double standard? It’s difficult to tell. There are many theories from pop-psychology and evolutionary biology that seem to suggest that men want to spread their seed and this indicates a kind of social prestige. Men who have a lot of sexual partners are considered “alpha males”, while women who have a lot of sexual partners have daddy issues. The problem with this line of reasoning is that it’s based on archaic social mores which are rooted in a sex-for-reproduction-ethos. If the echo of those impulses remains then it would make sense why women would be demonized for their promiscuity while men are exalted for theirs. But now with a shifting social paradigm, and the fact that sex is no longer merely for reproduction, and religious values concerning sex are largely outmoded, you would think some of that would start to drift away. And yet it hasn’t.

I’m getting off on a tangent here. At any rate, women are more concerned with the emotional bond of a relationship than they are with the physical sexual side of relationship. They would be more hurt by cheating if it was encroaching on the exclusive emotional bond they shared with their partner. If another woman encroaches on this emotional bond, then it’s game over man.

What you can do if you suspect your lover of cheating?

Should you forgive your cheater? Most women who are cheated on say that the real reason they are so upset about their partners for their infidelity is the lying and sneaking around behind their backs. Most men feel betrayed by the act itself as they hold themselves responsible for not being good enough. The problem is that in both cases, those who were cheated on are not being fair to themselves. If the cheating has emotionally hurt you then there will be little to no recourse other than to end the relationship. That resentment will linger and the trust that was breached will never fully be restored. You can forgive, so to speak, but never forget. Most people who were cheated on find that the best thing to do is get right back into the dating scene. It may not be all that great for the people you hook up with, but it will help you to get your groove back. If you’re interested in trying online dating, you should have a look at these reviews. Learn to forgive and let go of your resentment and things will fall right into place for you.