How To Act Cool Even Though You’re Blown Away By Your Blind Date
act cool dateAct Cool On A Blind Date

Going On A Blind Date And Falling Hard

Going on blind dates has become very rare, but from time to time it can be fun to do. If someone you know and trust told you they wanted to set you up with someone, would you really doubt their judgement or would you present yourself to the online date without any questions? When someone you know wants to set you up with someone, it is usually because they think you’ll be compatible, so it’s important to keep an open mind and give it a shot. If you presented yourself to a blind date, you probably have no idea what to expect — which is pretty exciting. Going on a blind date can go one of two ways, you can either feel like your friend betrayed you and set you up with the most repulsive person, or he can set you up with someone so great that you want to nominate him for friend of the year. If you went on a blind date and instantly fell for your date, you’re probably trying to keep it cool s that you don’t blow it. Going on a blind date and falling hard is not something that happens every time, but it can definitely happen.

How To Act Cool And Stop Yourself From Blowing It

If you just met up with the most beautiful creature in the world, you’re probably going to start sweating profusely while trying not to blow your chances. Having an instant connection with someone is very rare, so when you stumble across someone you can really relate to, it’s your job to act cool, calm, and collected. Being in the presence of someone you believe to be perfect can be extremely intimidating, but the last thing you want to do is start treating them like a queen and kissing the ground they walk on. Making your attraction to your blind date very obvious can give off an air of desperation, so it is in your best interest to act cool, even if you’re tripping out on the inside. If you act cool, you will be able to land a second, third, and even fourth date, which can ultimately lead to a long term relationship. Pretending that you aren’t as interested as you are will really help you act cool and stay afloat. So no matter how attracted and into your date you might be remember not to blow it. However, don’t take this to the extreme and act like you’re not into her at all, just don’t start making plans for the future right away.

Don’t Be Too Clingy Or She Might Run

If you meet someone and feel as though you just got pricked by cupid’s arrow, the last thing you want to do is start clinging to them. Just because you just fell head over heels doesn’t mean that they did, so you have to give them time to get to know you. If you act too clingy right off the bat, your date might end up wanting to run away from you. So respect her personal space, flirt, act genuine, and try not to ruin your chances. Don’t act too clingy and start trying to hold her hand and embrace her on the first date.

How To Hide How Into Her You Are

If you just met the love of your life, you might be wondering if she feels the same way, but you can’t just blatantly ask her about it. If you’re into her and want to see her again and again, you’re going to have to hide just how into her you really are. Sure, you can still be into her and try to be with her, just don’t over do it or look desperate. If you want to see her again, you need to hide how into her you are, and take things slow. If you really like this person, you don’t want to do anything to mess up your chances, right? So don’t do anything drastic and give her time to get to know you.

Don’t Over Text Her Even Though You’re Thinking Of Her

So, you went on a date and met the woman of your dreams, but it’s been two whole hours since you last saw her and you want to text her to let her know you’re thinking about her. Whatever you do, don’t do this. You can’t start over texting your crush just because you’re bored and think you’re in love. You need to give her some breathing room and make sure that has enough time to start thinking about you too. You never know, she might even text you first.