Suspicious Phone Activity May be a Sign of Cheating
using phone cheatUsing Phone Cheat

How is He Using His Phone?

How is your Bradford boyfriend using his phone? What’s his phone etiquette like? We all know that the way a man handles his phone is a large indicator of whether or not he is a cheater. It’s really hard to deny. For instance, I’ve been with so many guys, and I’ve grouped them into two categories: those who are liberal with their phones, and those who are totally uptight with their phones. For example, we’ve all been in the situation where we are lying down on the couch with our boyfriends, and our phones are way too far away for us to reach and make a call. So, not really thinking about it, we reach for our boyfriend’s phone because it’s closer. Suddenly, the boyfriend freaks out and gives us crap for looking through his phone, when really we were just reaching for it for practicalities sake. Suspicious phone activity is an instant red flag — be on the lookout from that point forward.

He Might be Using His Phone to Cheat

If he is acting weird with his phone, he might be using it to cheat. These days, there are so many apps and websites accessible through the phone that cheating men can use in order to find women to have sex with. It’s really unfortunate, and it’s something that we need to keep in mind at all times. In fact, I once dated a man during the earlier years of the cell phone, before all of this online innovation came about. And, if you can believe it, he still ended up using his phone to cheat by accessing some weird, ancient cheating cam site from his flip phone’s internet browser. If it could happen back then, it’s an indicator that it’s probably happening in droves today.

Is He Hiding His Phone From You?

If he is hiding his phone from you at all, this is definitely not a good sign. For instance, if he takes his phone with him whenever he goes to the bathroom, even if he is using the phone to scroll through social media, he’s probably bringing it with him for the primary reason of keeping it away from you when he’s not around. Sure, there are phone passwords, but we all know how easy those are to figure out. So, men have smartened up while hiding their affairs, and have sought to keep the phone with them at all times. Eventually, he’ll end up leaving it unprotected, which is your chance to strike and find some hardcore evidence.

He Has Many Options For Cheating On His Phone

As I mentioned before, the internet in this day and age offers countless opportunities for cheating. There are apps and websites in the thousands that can link a man in a relationship with an outside woman to have sex. Consider the presence of these options, and determine whether or not your man would succumb to the temptation.

The Ultimate Question — Is He Cheating?

Is he cheating? That is indeed the ultimate question, and you can’t just ask him outright about it, either. Also, you might not be prepared to take the necessary “secret agent” methods like going through his phone and following him on the street in order to find out if he’s cheating. Really, you need to use your judgement here, and consider whether he’s done anything to truly warrant your suspicion. If he has, the next step is up to you.

Dating tips for cheating victims
dating tips for cheatingDating tips after an affair

Dating Tips for Cheating Victims

Learning to trust again after a long time partner cheated on you is difficult, but necessary. In order to sustain a healthy long term relationship, the kind you’d hoped to have with the cheating partner, you must first let go of the past.

They say that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it, but it’s equally true that those who dwell on the past are condemned to relive it. So here are a few pieces of advice that will help you move forward into your next relationship and get what you want out of it.

First, Reach Cheating Forgiveness

Forgiving cheating means forgiving yourself. You may be wondering why you have to forgive yourself, after all, you’re the victim, you did nothing wrong. But no matter how clean your hands are, there’s a part of you that resents yourself for the fact that you wasted however many years or months of your life dating or married to someone who was screwing around behind your back. Part of you is going to take it personally too. Questions like: “Am I not good enough?” “Am I not sexy enough?” are going to get into your head during this period. The sad truth is that cheaters cheat compulsively. There is nothing you could have done differently to prevent it from happening, and no matter who they’re with, they’re always going to be thinking about the next person they can get with.

In other words, it would have happened to anyone. Cheaters are misguided folks that think in order to have sex with multiple partners they need to feign being in a monogamous relationship with them. When they discover that there are plenty of folks out there that have no interest in monogamy, they eventually find a niche that works for them and does not leave a trail of bruised egos in their wake. Forgiving them means shrugging off their lack of self-awareness as a life lesson, and remembering not everyone plays those sort of games.

Meet New People (When You’re Ready)

When you’ve come to terms with the fact that their cheating is not your fault, you can meet new people and begin to forge new healthy relationships for yourself. If you’re still stuck on the betrayal part, you’re not ready. If you’re in a place where you’re constantly looking over your next partner’s shoulder and questioning their every move and motive, you’re not ready. If you’re thinking about hacking into their email or wiretapping their smartphone, you’re not ready. If you’ve planted a bug in their apartment, you’re not ready.

If you can give your next partner the benefit of the doubt, you’re ready.

Rediscover Your Sense of Self

It’s particularly important if you’ve been lied to repeatedly and told that you’re just being silly, crazy, paranoid, or stupid, to relearn to trust your instincts again. Surviving a relationship with that kind of cheater means years of rebuilding your sense of self and your confidence. It won’t be easy, but good things have a way of coming to folks who are patient and open hearted. Sometimes it only requires you to take a leap of faith even when it may be against your better judgment to do so. In time, you will learn to love again, but be patient with yourself, do not be critical of yourself, and trust your instincts because they were right all along.

5 ways to cover up an affair after she finds out
cover up affairCover Up Affair

Initiate a Cover up Plan

Cheaters in Seattle and all over the world need to make sure that they initiate a comprehensive cover up plan, even before they do the dirty deed. If you’re cheating, you need to keep in mind that your partner will do everything she can to investigate all facets of your cheating ways after she caught you the first time. Once she sees you in bed with another woman, she will instantly want to know how many other women you’ve slept with while you’ve been together. So, consider all of your current and past mistresses, and do everything you can to clear all possible bread crumb trails that would lead your partner to finding them.

Clean up All Loose Ends in Your Affairs

If you have any affairs with loose ends that aren’t tied up, you need to proceed to wrap them all, right now. Trust me on this, any loose end will potentially blow up in your face sooner or later. All it takes is one of your side girls to call up the house one night, and your partner will instantly know that your cheating spree isn’t over, and you’ll risk losing her from that point forward. She already caught you once, so make sure there’s no chance that she’ll ever catch you again.

Establish that You’re Done Cheating on Her

Once she catches you cheating the first time, it’s important to fully establish that you’re done cheating on her from this point forward. Make her understand that you feel horrendously about what you’ve done, and that you can’t even imagine doing it again ever in your life. Tell her that you love her more than anything, and you want to see the relationship survive. Chances are that, if you really did all you can to convince her, she might just give you another chance at proving yourself.

Express Your Cheating Regret

If you’re looking to keep the relationship alive after you’ve been caught cheating, you need to make sure that you fully express your cheating regret. Of course, what you did is among the most treacherous things that human beings are capable of, so you naturally feel a lot of regret about it. Even if your conscience is somehow guilt free after she finds out, try to imagine in your mind that you can barely think about anything else due to how much regret you feel. Fake it until you make it in this regard, and express your full cheating regret to your partner. If she is convinced enough, she might give you another shot at her.

Be on Your Best Behavior

After you get caught cheating, the bulk of the hard work will come gradually in the future, as the relationship hits the probationary stage. You need to make sure that you’re on your best behavior for an indefinite period of time after she catches you in the act. This means that there will be absolutely no cheating on your end, no cheating at all. If that’s a hard concept for you to wrap your mind around, maybe you should just end the relationship yourself and save everyone from a big headache. However, if you actually love the woman you’re with and want to see the relationship survive, take this incident as a lesson on how you need to behave for the rest of your life, and treat her right.

5 Reasons Not to Cheat on your Spouse
cheat on spouseCheat On Spouse

Do NOT Cheat on your Spouse — It’s Wrong

The main reason why you should not cheat on your spouse in Nowra-Bomaderry is that is is plain wrong. I’m sure that you already know this, but I understand why you feel inclined to ask. Cheating is one of the greatest temptations that a human being can ever face. I have been met with the opportunity to cheat on my current partner several times, as the nature of my work puts me face to face with people that I can potentially sleep with. However, I’m proud to say that I haven’t once cheated on my current partner, despite many opportunities to do so. I have certainly had my fair share of cheating experiences in the past, but the overwhelming guilt that built up from those experiences has taught me that cheating is never the right option, no matter how much of a good idea it seems like at the time.

There are Ways to Not Have an Affair

In moment when you’re burning with desire to have sex with someone outside of your relationship, it’s important to step back and realize that there are ways to not have an affair. What you would have to do to avoid the affair will depend largely on your level of temptation. For instance, one time I was at a huge end of year party with several hot single ladies everywhere you look. They were all so friendly, and I imagined that if I were to make a few charming moves, I could have had sex with a number of them. For some reason, the cheating temptation was so strong that night that I actually had to leave the party early before I did something I would regret. When I got back home into bed with my wife, I knew that I made the right decision. If ever you find yourself in the position to crave an affair, keep in mind that there are ways to avoid it. In the worst of cases, always keep in mind that you can always get the hell out of wherever you are, and get back home to your spouse.

Don’t Cheat on Your Spouse — They Deserve Better

You married your spouse because you loved them enough to know that they deserve better than to be cheated on by someone they love. You want to give your spouse the entire world, so the last thing you should give them is the broken heart and shattered psyche that come with being a victim of infidelity. Know that your partner deserves to steer clear of that kind of devastation, and just don’t cheat on them.

Don’t Have an Affair — It’s the Easy Way Out

As human beings, we are always tested by the temptations that come to us periodically. Cheating is among the biggest of temptations, and it’s always the easy way out of feeling a certain way. Don’t have an affair — it’s never the right thing to do.

Be Faithful to your Partner

If you would take pains to be faithful to your partner, you’ll find that you’ll be awarded with a clear conscience, and a life free of guilt and worry. Cheating is a dark, grim path, and from my experience, it’s not one that anyone wants to walk through for a long time.