5 ways to cover up an affair after she finds out
cover up affairCover Up Affair

Initiate a Cover up Plan

Cheaters in Seattle and all over the world need to make sure that they initiate a comprehensive cover up plan, even before they do the dirty deed. If you’re cheating, you need to keep in mind that your partner will do everything she can to investigate all facets of your cheating ways after she caught you the first time. Once she sees you in bed with another woman, she will instantly want to know how many other women you’ve slept with while you’ve been together. So, consider all of your current and past mistresses, and do everything you can to clear all possible bread crumb trails that would lead your partner to finding them.

Clean up All Loose Ends in Your Affairs

If you have any affairs with loose ends that aren’t tied up, you need to proceed to wrap them all, right now. Trust me on this, any loose end will potentially blow up in your face sooner or later. All it takes is one of your side girls to call up the house one night, and your partner will instantly know that your cheating spree isn’t over, and you’ll risk losing her from that point forward. She already caught you once, so make sure there’s no chance that she’ll ever catch you again.

Establish that You’re Done Cheating on Her

Once she catches you cheating the first time, it’s important to fully establish that you’re done cheating on her from this point forward. Make her understand that you feel horrendously about what you’ve done, and that you can’t even imagine doing it again ever in your life. Tell her that you love her more than anything, and you want to see the relationship survive. Chances are that, if you really did all you can to convince her, she might just give you another chance at proving yourself.

Express Your Cheating Regret

If you’re looking to keep the relationship alive after you’ve been caught cheating, you need to make sure that you fully express your cheating regret. Of course, what you did is among the most treacherous things that human beings are capable of, so you naturally feel a lot of regret about it. Even if your conscience is somehow guilt free after she finds out, try to imagine in your mind that you can barely think about anything else due to how much regret you feel. Fake it until you make it in this regard, and express your full cheating regret to your partner. If she is convinced enough, she might give you another shot at her.

Be on Your Best Behavior

After you get caught cheating, the bulk of the hard work will come gradually in the future, as the relationship hits the probationary stage. You need to make sure that you’re on your best behavior for an indefinite period of time after she catches you in the act. This means that there will be absolutely no cheating on your end, no cheating at all. If that’s a hard concept for you to wrap your mind around, maybe you should just end the relationship yourself and save everyone from a big headache. However, if you actually love the woman you’re with and want to see the relationship survive, take this incident as a lesson on how you need to behave for the rest of your life, and treat her right.